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Convert Your Car to Wind Power and Save Gasoline - It would be certainly great if we could convert our current automobiles, light trucks and SUVs to wind powered cars and save fuel; whether it be diesel, ethanol blend or even gasoline.

Interior System Airlock for Space Walk on a Planet - As mankind sets out to walk on future other planets and boldly go where no man has gone before, he will have to take precautions as to not contaminate his habitat or space capsule.

Autonomous Artificial Intelligent Android Strategies in Mission Completion - One of the goals in creating autonomous artificial intelligent robotic androids is to send them off on a mission, without human assistance and have that Mission completed perfectly 100 percent of the time.

Serious Plans Under Way to Stop Locust Plagues via Directional Sound Waves - An online think tank member and concept designer has been studying the aerodynamics of insect flight; specifically bees and locusts and now he believes has figured out the puzzle which has literally plagued mankind since ancient times.

College Life Secrets to Getting By - When you first begin college, life can be difficult at times so it is vital to have some "university student survival tips" to ensure that you enjoy college life or at the very least, survive it.

Busy Schedule Consider an Online College For Nursing - When deciding on a master?s degree in nursing, consider an online college for nursing.

Never to old to learn - I was four, soon to be five in October.

A Review of the University of Maryland Online MBA Degree - The University of Maryland University College offers an online Master of Business Administration degree.

Plagarism - With every passing day new discoveries are made and the scope of information is increasing with prospects that it is becoming difficult for humans to handle information efficiently thus resulting in e-cheating and plagiarism.

Study Abroad Why Choose to Study at a UK University - Can a quarter-million of the world?s brightest students be wrong? That?s one estimate of the number of foreign students who forsake the comforts of home and brave the UK?s food and, for many, forbidding weather to get the postgraduate education th.

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