Autonomous Artificial Intelligent Android Strategies in Mission Completion

One of the goals in creating autonomous artificial intelligent robotic androids is to send them off on a mission, without human assistance and have that Mission completed perfectly 100 percent of the time. Or is close to one or percent as humanly possible considering the black belt theory of six Sigma. But if we are to send off one or more robotic androids to complete a task, then they must also learned to work together as a team. That of course is not as easy as it sounds, although it is being considered in universities in robotic competitions across America, using swarm theory.This is all well and good, however a true artificial intelligent android, which are the most part will be modeled after human thought may not use the same methods of bonding as humans do when they unite in a common cause or a team effort to complete a task, win a game or accomplish a goal. We see in nature higher order animals of prey, which work together, hunt together and remain socially united.

Robotic autonomous artificial intelligent androids will also need to be programmed for self-preservation, preservation of the group and teamwork. That is to say not only must be assigned themselves tasks, based on their memory, experiences and observations in the various previous tasks which they have performed, but they must also allow themselves to be assigned tasks by other team member androids or give orders in tasks to their fellow robotic artificial intelligent androids in order to complete the Mission.Although this may sound obvious from an abstract standpoint, it is hardly any easy programming task, but one that must be fulfilled in done correctly if we are to have and send robotic artificial intelligent androids to do our bidding, accomplish goals and complete tasks with accuracy and without the mistakes.

Sending in a team of robots out to accomplish a task, when all the details are not known, means the team must think together in a group, evaluate the situation and act decisively. I do hope that you will consider this in 2006.

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By: Lance Winslow


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