Teaching requires enormous patience, and there is no ready-made formula for good teaching. Learn effective teaching styles and practices for aspiring teachers and parents alike.

Lazy Days of Summer NOT!

by Jim Paterson

Student activity advisers make the most of summer by using the time "off" to plan ahead, work with student leaders, and rekindle their enthusiasm. more...

Becoming a Teacher

by Nat LaCour

Difficult, wonderful, exhausting, fun, stressful, enlightening, rewarding beyond compare: That's what you hear when you ask veteran teachers what their job is like. Then, when you ask veteran teachers if they would choose the same career if they could live their lives over, the answer is usually yes. more...

Get Real

by David Peins

Every teacher I have ever met knows-and hates-the phrase, "Those who can, do, and those who can't, teach." It's not true: Teachers can do. And our students need to know that. Kids are uneducated, but they are not dumb. They need a reason to learn-especially those who aren't academically motivated and just want to get on with their lives. more...

High-stakes testing, homework, and gaming the system

by Etta Kralovec

Readers of the Los Angeles Times were recently shocked by published findings of the Harvard University Civil Rights Project concerning California school dropout rates. According to the study (presented March 24, 2005, at the Harvard conference, "Dropouts in California: Confronting the Graduation Rate Crisis"), only 60 percent of Latino students and 56.6 percent of African American students graduate at all from California schools, and only 47 percent of African American and 39 percent of Latino students graduate on time. What is worse still, this record has been largely hidden. more...

Teacher applicant pool

by Susan Timble

Hiring teachers is a challenging task and an enormous responsibility. Administrators must develop strategies to look beyond the surface and discern the potential in teacher applicants. more...

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