Sofas in a Variety of Styles

As the Internet matures, a huge variety of products, including furniture, can now be purchased online, there are many benefits to buying furniture online including lower prices (a consequence of lower overheads), the opportunity to browse through a wide range of productsat the touch of a button. At we make the most of the rich visual medium that the Internet offers by displaying our products with numerous pictures so that you can get comfortable about purchasing our products without feeling it's necessary to visit our showroom.

We also allow you to customise your product by choosing from a wide variety of different options such as different feet types and fabric types. Each of these options is comprehensively explained with both words and pictures. At, a unique online retailer that manufactures and retails self assembly modular sofas, we not only have a large variety of sofas but we also have very secure and versatile payment options available for you.

You can purchase online using your Master Card, Visa, Maestro (Switch), Visa Electron, Visa Debit and Solo cards. We also accept cheques if you do not want to pay by card. We keep all you data SSL encrypted in collaboration with www., who are one of the biggest information security firms in the UK. We also guarantee that all our products will be free from any manufacturing defects.

We have a detailed guarantee policy which can be accessed from our website

You can customize your own sofa or buy different pre-customized sofas from our site. Corner sofa beds are great types of sofas because of their extreme space efficiency. Corner sofa beds can be easily attached to other pieces of furniture to make an extra bed whenever needed. A corner sofa bed is especially suited for small rooms where it emulates the feeling of a lot of free space.

They are available online so simply log on to We also have Vinyl sofas. A vinyl sofa is extremely durable.

It can take a lot more punishment as compared to textile sofas and leather sofas. Vinyl sofas are made of inherently water proof material and are resistant to damage and stains caused by liquids like water and other beverages.

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Sofas in a Variety of Styles - Buy various kinds of sofas online.

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