Stealth UAV High Energy Laser Reflector

In the new Net-Centric Battlespace the weapons of war will be robotic. Many of these weapons will be energy based rather than explosives based. We are already watching new weapons both offensive and defensive weapons which include both lethal and non-lethal wave energy weapons, as well as high-energy laser weapons.I propose that the United States of America ramp up its research and development efforts to create defensive high-energy laser weapons to protect the American People. Weapons of war so accurate and devastating that no nation will ever attempt to attack us, further I propose we design, test and build advanced stealth UAVs with high-energy chemical laser enabled platforms.We need both and we need them now.

We must develop aggressor UAVs recipricol response weapons to attack any nation or people's who threaten our civilization. We have come too far and worked to hard to create everything we are and all we have built. From this day forward we must never choose turning a blind eye towards potential eventualities of hostile nation states, who smile for the camera and then finance International Terrorism behind our backs and the backs of our allies.I propose that we build fast moving stealth enabled UAVs, which can fly over enemy territory or positions, flip on a beacon and allow the enemy to fire upon them. Then turn off the beacon, evade, dump chafe and then continue marking the location of the incoming SAM launch sites. Next fly to the end of the territory turn 180 degrees and fly back over those now sequenced SAM sites and targets.

The stealth UAVs will then deploy speed brakes, which will act as laser reflectors. Once the doors are open the US Net-centric Team will see them on radar and send the laser beam to them, which will be reflected downward to take out and annihilate the targets one by one in rapid sequence. Stealth UAVs will fly in groups of three per team each three miles apart and cover a battle space grid in one pass over.Additionally, I propose and expect to see these units available in the next major high-tech war and fully operation in the United States Military Arsenal. I believe the time for excuses is over and we must be prepared as a nation to protect the American people and not fail our duties.Further I propose these reflector shields be made of carbon nanotube and ceramic constructs and that we use these shields and new technologies be integrated into the space program for spacecraft, space stations, satellites and colonies on the Moon and Mars.

Currently the United States is falling behind and not pushing the envelope on these technologies and well, we damn well should be. Think on this in 2006.

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