A Global University Project

It's true. University and college students do have the "ideal" life. We share rooms with our friends, and have our own little, segmented communities. We are learning the secrets of the universe, developing our minds into powerful tools that can do anything we want.

We have everything we need within walking distance of our rooms (well, mostly) and we don't even have to cook for ourselves. On top of it all, we are in a highly concentrated area of prospective mates. Could anything be easier? I say "heck yes it can be easier!".The reason for saying this is simply that there are many stereotypes surrounding university students and the like. Most of them either stating how lucky we are, or how reckless we are. I'd like to remind everyone that there is only one way to get accurate information.

The source! Of course we don't live perfect lives, we aren't allowed hot-plates and public showers and bathrooms SUCK. Have you ever eaten at meal hall? Or should I more accurately ask if you've ever taken vice- grips to your stomache and pesticide to your tastebuds? As far as University being a "dating connection" dream on. It's just as hard here as it is everywhere else, the only difference is that we don't have to travel very far to get shot down (by the decent ones).It's fine and good to try and use an article such as this to dispell such stereotypes, but what if we had a way to give the rest of the world a first-hand look at our lives as students? Well, now we can.

The website is on the hunt for college students willing to give an account of a campus related mishap. Any sort of prank, any drunken night, and any thing school related (humor is a virtue).

These stories are all going to be compiled into one large ebook to be sold on the internet. The best part of the whole deal is that by submitting your story, you are ensuring yourself a free copy of the finished product. Better yet is that all of the money brought in off of the ebook is going towards publishing costs to get it turned into an honest-to-god book. This is a great opportunity for us to show the rest of the world how things REALLY are.

More importantly it's a chance to produce something as a collective, as a unified mass, that is representative to our fun- loving, mischievous ways.



Matthew Goodfellow
Bachelor of arts - Psychology
University of New Brunswick to claim your place in the spotlight.

By: Matthew Goodfellow


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