Abandoning Camouflage for Cloaking Technologies

In the future armies will most likely use more cloaking technologies and fewer camouflage strategies. It will be interesting in the battlefield which strategies are most used. For instance a soldier will probably still use camouflage, but an aerial bleb for communication and surveillance will probably use cloaking strategies.What about Stealth aircraft? Will Stealth aircraft still be stealthy? Indeed they will because they are hiding from radar, which cannot see any way.

But in the case of an attack aircraft it may still be painted a collar, which is very hard to detect so that it takes longer for the enemy to see it, point and shoot.However, if you consider unmanned aerial vehicles, they may use cloaking technology on the bottom only, because they're only trying to hide from the ground. A submarine, which surfaces may wish to hide from a satellite and may either use a cloaking strategy to hide its wake and topsides.An aircraft carrier sitting off the coast may wish to use cloaking strategies on the side so it is not easily seen. There are many types of cloaking strategies for instance use of mirrors or vehicles, which are coated with a paint, which acts as a screen and the surroundings are projected onto that screen.Either way in the future all military vehicles will either be primarily camouflage or primarily able to cloak themselves.

Some may be some of both and this will be determined its purpose in the battle space. Consider this in 2006.


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