Abatement Procedures After Chemical Alert or Alarm

United States of America departmental homeland security is concerned of a possible biological attack on our nation, a major American city or a major transportation infrastructure hub. A chemical attack seems to be possible considering the Middle Eastern international terrorists objectives and their knowledge of sarin gas and other nerve agents.Indeed it is a wicked thought to consider that they might attack the United States of America and kill innocent people on their way to or from work or school, but the international terrorists do not care about people they only care about their Jihad. Luckily many of the potential targets that international terrorists are interested in do have chemical alarms, sensors and ways to alert citizens.

When an alarm goes off people will immediately leave the area, however as soon as they leave the first responders will show up and take an overview of the situation and decide what to do next. They do have employees specific protocols of what to wear and how to go about it. However, the most important key after an event such as this is the abatement procedures to remove the toxins, gas clouds and poisons from the area so that people can return safely the next day.In the event they attack a transportation hub or a government building it is imperative that all the toxins be completely removed so there is no chance they can harm humans in any way. Consider this in 2006.

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