Academic Catalogs Very Misleading

Have you ever picked up an academic catalog of classes or went to a website to see what your local college or University Offered in the way of classes? Most of us have seen these things and the classes appear to be absolutely intriguing but much of that is the fine art of public relations and marketing writing and not the reality of the class at all.It is truly amazing that this false and misleading advertising goes on in Academia, because they so often with their liberal views are so quick to point out even possible misrepresentation in the business world or even a politician who deliberately misleads his or her constituency. It seems that we have quite a hypocritical group in our colleges and universities who are willing to mislead people to get them to sign up for their schools.We seem to all believe that academia is beyond reproach yet as we observe closer they are the cause of many of our Nation's ills and much of the conflicts in our civilization. It also is quite relevant to point out that much of the sound and fury incited by the mass media indeed originates in the Utopian Dreamland of Academia. But why you ask?.

Well it is really simple, you see those who can't so often teach, as they do not have the balls to face the music in the real world. So they retreat into academia where they are safe to complain and piss and moan about anything they see, when they simply have adopted a skewed perspective of things, which is probably why they never succeeded in the first place. But in the end they do the very thing they complain about as they cheat to hold up their decaying institutions of brain washing. Quite interesting isn't it? Consider this in 2006.

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By: Lance Winslow


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