Accelerating Absorption of Membranes in Filtering Systems

Some water filtering systems run the fluid thru the systems more than once. For instance at Starbucks, which is a very simple application they actually run the water through the Reverse Osmosis System nine times. This makes the water ultra pure and you can definitely taste the difference in the coffee, most people love it, a few do not, nevertheless it means their product is always consistent no matter what the local water tastes like.

So, indeed this works well for them.Now then what if the water filtration system could do this the first time? Well that would be great for a few reasons, as it saves time, saves wear and tear and it also saves water in the case of Reverse Osmosis Systems. How so you ask? Well when using reverse osmosis systems they generally use three gallons to make one gallon, as the cleaner water is run thru again it takes a little less to make the clean gallon, but what if you could get it all done on the first go around?.I propose using bright laser light to assist in the filtering collection process and perhaps a combination of other waves as well. The light waves and other waves will increase the ionic combo forming of the filtered debris from the water.

If the pipes are small and the membranes have holes in them and the light is in the center with holes along the length of the membrane that will allow enough light to assist in the process. This may not be cost affect for a small operation, but it could be very good for a larger one. Consider all this in 2006.

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