Accelerating Autopilot Response for Submarine Tsunami Avoidance

Tsunami Waves have a lot of power indeed. We saw just how much during the 2005 Christmas Sumatra Quake and Indonesia Tsunami. But the real power we did not see was the 400-mile per hour waves flowing underwater. Well that might be a very big deal if you were in a Submarine under the water and in the way of the Tsunami traveling at such speeds.

In fact if it hit you unaware and at the right angle it could put you into an unrecoverable situation like being in a flat spin in an aircraft too low to the ground to recovery in time. But in a Submarine, there is no way to bail out and you are at the mercy of a very violent Mother Nature Natural Disaster Event.I propose an early warning system in our Military Submarines which would kick in an autopilot response, which would immediately re-align the direction of the submarine to hit the Tsunami massive under water flow head on, rather than taking a head shot or a rear shot which might disable the submarine.

Once the submarine was repositioned to protect itself it could then either go upward or downward at a shallow angle to get out of the way of the fast water flow and avert any possible calamity.Our Nuclear Submarines are very important to us and are the men on board and so for the sake of the Taxpayer and the families of these sailors we need safety Tsunami response systems able to kick in during a moments notice and take evasive action. Consider all this in 2006.

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