Adaptive Cellular Automata in Designing Artificial Intelligent Android Systems

When considering the designing and programming for artificial intelligent robotic android system it might be wise to allow multiple programs that are simplistic to interact. In Stephen Wolfram's book "A New Type of Science" he discusses cellular automata and how simple programs can create complex outcomes. In adaptive cellular automata it is possible to help us understand how such simple programs can interact and help us derive answers or solutions necessary to propel it artificial intelligence system.

As artificially intelligent designs android robotic computer systems become more popular and is generations of innovation perpetuate it will be necessary for these systems to program themselves. In other words they will need to write their own code, set up new databases to store informational input from observations and change algorithms based on the task, which is assigned by the human counterpart.Repetitive tasks are very easy to program a computer to do.

We already have computers which run small robotic household systems which do things like mow the lawn and vacuum a room, but in the future artificially intelligent robotic androids will be asked to do things they are not program to do, yet they are similar to things they may have already done and therefore they will need to modify pieces of existing algorithms, programs and use components or datasets within their memory in a piecemeal fashion. This will not be easy however adaptive cellular automata may come in very handy in some of these tasks and for those who are serious about pushing the envelope of artificial intelligence you are well advised to consider this year 2006.

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By: Lance Winslow


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