AI Machines With a Sense of Humor

You know we really need artificial intelligent robotic androids, which have a sense of humor if they are to be our counter parts in the work force. If we are to build organization capital with our AI Machines like we do when we bond with other humans for the betterment of the goal or mission or Corporation then we must feel close to our AI Robotic Androids.Lets face it if you are going to design artificial intelligence to replace me as a CEO of the company and my best executives in marketing, surely you programmers can design one to come up with new slogans, catchy phrases and unique thought and creativity.

If not you programmers are still in my opinion in only the first stages of artificial intelligence. I do not accept anything from anyone except best efforts here.Especially if you programmers are to replace humans with decision making computers; we need to show a little creativity here, both from the artificial intelligent systems and those excuse making humans who program them.

So those are my thoughts although you bring up some good points or humorous events and results currently being rendered.Look here is the bottom line; if you want me to work under or along side an artificial intelligent robotic android, then you will need to build them with a sense of humor. They must be able to take a joke and make a joke. Not tell a pre-programmed joke I have heard before and not keep telling the same joke in the same circumstances over and over again you see? Consider this in 2006.

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By: Lance Winslow


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