Alpha Male Artificial Intelligent Androids

It is apparent that in the near future and let's say the next two decades we will begin to see artificial intelligent robotic androids all over our society doing all sorts of jobs. Perhaps at that point there may be a robotic assistant in 80 percent of the American households and that is a huge market. It also possesses a few problems many of which have been addressed in economic terms, where robots are doing humans jobs and where humans into doing so little that they become lazy due to their robotic slaves.

There are many jobs, which will require more than one robot to work together at a time. Yet, one could ask howl these robots work amongst themselves to decide to his boss. Who will be the follower robots in which robots will be leaders or commanders? To address this issue let's take a look at some of the dominant species of a planet and how they work together in groups to accomplish goals.

For instance large mammals the, which hunt in packs often have dominant leaders. In fact humans are no different, although many claim they are.If we take a look at our routers assign IP addresses to various systems we can begin to understand how a group of robots which are wirelessly connected might in fact determined which robot would do which job. Perhaps one of the robots may contain a router system to help level out and schedule the workflow progress in real-time. Could just then be considered the alpha artificially intelligent robotic android? That might make sense.

In fact in the most robotic factories for U.S. automakers they have special programs and brains of the system, which assign the IP addresses to all the different robotic units on the floor.

In the case of a group of mobile robots working together to complete a task, one robot would be the dominant robot and for backup safety there might be three or four mimic systems, which are turned off unless needed. These would be the alpha robots and if one malfunctioned or became inoperable to the other two or three alpha robots with the special routing system in upgraded software programs would take over. This would make a lot of sense and I hope you'll consider this line of thought in the future.

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By: Lance Winslow


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