Amperage Articulation and Voltage Regulation of Artificial Intelligent Android Power Systems

Artificial intelligent androids and robotic systems will require quite a bit of power to operate and it makes sense to use that power in the most efficient manner possible. There are couple reasons why this is important. One, battery life is of the utmost importance especially if you're artificially intelligent robotic system is being used in the military and the enemies firing upon it. There is no time to charge it back up the full capacity in the middle of the war.

Or consider robotic system in your home or an artificially intelligent android, which is assigned to do your dishes. The last thing you want to have happen is for the robot to get halfway done leave the sink full of dirty dishes and the water on, while it runs out of juice and powers down. Suds floating all over the kitchen and water running all over your cabinets and you still have dirty dishes to do.

Meanwhile your robotic companion and android slave labor needs another 10 hours to charge. Not a pretty sight.Have you ever noticed that your laptop has two modes of operation? One, where it runs a slightly slower speed because it is unplugged in running off batteries, this way it will last longer but still run efficiently. Then the other mode is for when it is plugged into the outlet. Consider this strategy for artificial intelligent robotic systems and androids.

As the system gets close to its maximum usage it will lead to go into a slower mode. Additionally if your robotic android is mowing the lawn or washing the car it may need all the power it can get, but when he is doing laundry and in between cycles just watching the clothes go round and round it may as well stay in the most energy-efficient state. Which could be standby mode, where it only uses minimal amounts of energy and keeps a few sensors running, such as the want to listen in case you call it and the one that listens for the buzzer telling it a clothes are washed. If you are designing robots consider this in 2006.

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