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Academia Fraud and Brain Washing Cartels - Many have a tough time listening to the scientists debate amongst themselves and laugh at the peer reviews.

How to Wear a Graduation Hood - Each level of degree has different hoods.

College Readiness Is A Myth - Today?s young people are taking over 5.

How Do Other Off Planet Life Forms Operate - For a species which is based on a life form to operate on a Planet, it needs to have input from its environment to fulfill its mission.

Selecting an Online University - People who want higher education but who don't live near a college or university offering courses they want used to be out of luck.

Fear of Change and the Technology Debate - So many humans fear change and the advances of science and they will claim that modern advances are evil.

Robotic Organic Insect Augmentation Adaptation for Increased Agility - Mankind is advancing at an incredible rate and in doing so is able to modify organic life thru changes and manipulation of DNA, RNA, enzymes and proteins.

Fight Back Locust Plagues Over Lake Victoria in Africa - The Locust Plagues threaten to devastate crops in Africa, but can we use modern technology, namely acoustic directional sound waves, to defeat them? One research believes it is possible and announced his plans to do so in an online think tank rece.

Flying Underwater UUVs or Small Manned Submarines - Is it possible to build a submarine, which flies? Can we build a small underwater craft with the latest new innovative materials, which is light enough to fly, but strong enough to withstand the pressures of the ocean? Could that be possible? Well.

The Secret Of Your Childrens Education - Using Children's Literature to Entertain and Educate Your Kids What are Children's Books? Not only are children's books a great way to keep kids occupied, but they help them to learn as well.

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