Fear of Change and the Technology Debate

So many humans fear change and the advances of science and they will claim that modern advances are evil. They will say that God wanted us this way and not to modify human life or better ourselves. But if so and if one submits that there is a God or Gods then why would he, she, it or them give us such a large brain if problem solving was not an intended attribute?.Many critics of technology will say such human sciences and advances lack integrity to what it is to be human and deny that God made us in his image and wants us to remain this way? Interesting comment and even more interesting would be the question that how would these detractors of science know that?.

There is no lack of integrity to giving a soldier an artificial knee, a grandma a new hip or a fireman a new arm. You see, tere is nothing wrong with giving me a better brain or a system to use so I can accomplish more and be better at my work and research using all I have and bettering it. Whether it is an artificial piece of technology or a super vitamin C pill to allow us to be better, healthier and stronger; that is a good thing and it is not evil, not even close.

A combination for computerized technologies we can interface with and betting our own bio-system to work more efficient might be the right way to go, and we should find out. If we fail to advance our technologies, then we fail the species and our own future from catastrophe, calamity or potential eventuality, you see? Not to mention failing one's god, by putting forth a meager effort to help people with injuries, ailment or brain decay disease. Think on this.

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