Robotic Organic Insect Augmentation Adaptation for Increased Agility

Mankind is advancing at an incredible rate and in doing so is able to modify organic life thru changes and manipulation of DNA, RNA, enzymes and proteins. Scientists and researchers have also come a long way in developing prosthesis devices for injured humans such as artificial legs, arms, etc. and some of these parts will become better, faster and stronger like the movie the Six Million Dollar Man.It makes sense that we not limit these artificial parts to only humans for instance if your dog is run over, well then you need to find a way to give him a new leg and so we need to be developing these prosthesis devices to serve all the animal kingdom. What about the insect kingdom? We know that with miniaturization we are now building tiny flying devices about the size of a triple size dragonfly, which the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Community is calling MAV or Micro-Air Vehicles, which can fly totally autonomously.These MAVs are all technology based with no organic parts.

But as other researchers are putting human brain cells into mice, why not do a little organic Bio-Tech engineering and combine the two? A flying rat; well, not exactly, but how about a flying grass hopper, with spring loaded legs that when pushed would propel the creature five times the distance at a faster speed and allow it to land without damage to its organic frame? Sure this will soon be possible.Now then if we take this one step further, we can enlarge this creature to the size of a small rodent and modify its DNA for a large stinger too, thus the new insect, half organic and half robotic could be used to guard military assets, nuclear power plants and secure our borders. It will be living off the land and trimming the grass; that is to say a completely self-sustained security system, which is happy as a lark fulfilling its genes while protecting us, with some robotic engineering to make it even better and report thru micro-electronic sensors to a central computer system.Combining robotic and organic into a single unit makes sense and we ought to start with a species, which is already at the top of its food chain. One, which is better evolved for life on the surface of the planet than a soft shelled human. An insect based on a hard shell or semi hard shell system and slighting augmented thru both robotics and DNA manipulation adaptation for increased agility might just be the perfect system to protect us.

Think on this.

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By: Lance Winslow


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