Fight Back Locust Plagues Over Lake Victoria in Africa

The Locust Plagues threaten to devastate crops in Africa, but can we use modern technology, namely acoustic directional sound waves, to defeat them? One research believes it is possible and announced his plans to do so in an online think tank recently. Warren Powers has a plan and has done research which leads him to believe it is now possible to beat these locust plagues once and for all.An acoustical sound wave beam will be blasted at the Locust Swarm while they fly over the lake causing them to crash into the lake and become fish food. Now then, the insects, which fall in the water will make a virtual island and therefore the others will simply land on top of them and have a land bridge, so you need an AUV Autonomous Underwater Vehicle to churn them under the water.Other wise they will simply sit there until you turn off the sound and take off again or find a way to start again, as you may not be able to disable all of them; unless you use a dirigible or Blimp and send the sound downward rather than sideways from a barge.Next point in the planned Lake Victoria surprise attack ambush on the Locust Plague; if there are algae blooms, then the last thing you want to do is add high-amounts of protein into the lake.

Why? Well we know from chicken feathers and Pig Farms in South Carolina that you can cause flesh eating bacteria to grow and it will get into the local fish populations and end up down stream into perhaps drinking water and into other aquatic life down rivers. Not good.Extremely problematic, so the concept of fish food is okay only after a food chain check shows this is okay. You are talking tons and tons of fish food super high in protein, which should increase fish populations too, it is important to consider this as well.

Next point a barge with all the directional acoustical harmonic sound beam equipment on it could find itself misplaced by a considerable distance from the guestimate of the swarm passage route, thus need much higher power and if there is too much moisture in the air the sound waves will change in their effectiveness due to water droplets.Also if the swarm is right over the barge you can have an enclosure for the operators, but the generators will need lots of air for the engines and cooling. If those air-filters are clogged by millions of locusts, you lose and are forced to shut down. Mission is a failure although you still have the data of what was accomplished for future use. If we are to stop these swarms we must get tough and consider all the details.

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