Artificial Intelligence History and the Bill Bryson Archives

An artificially intelligent robotic android will need a little knowledge in order to become a viable part of a human grouping, whether that grouping is a family unit, team or even a catering company or a car wash if it will be working along side other humans. This is because humans need a baseline of knowledge in order to be accepted by a group and thus able to discuss relative information or knowledge with one another. Indeed it also helps humans as they further explain a thought to put it into some sort of context.Now then to program a computer or artificially intelligent android to work well around other humans it will need also a baseline of knowledge, too much knowledge could actually displace the robot in their human grouping and thus make it un-welcomed, outcaste or perhaps disliked. Human groups tend to do this, whether this is a good trait or not is quite irrelevant as it is merely a fact of basic human interaction in groups. Thus we need to address this.

So rather than taking the Bill Gate's approach and reading the entire encyclopedia as a child or programming into a artificially intelligent robotic android the entire set of Encarta on five CD ROMs or attempting to download all the pages of the Wikipedia Website, I propose that we take an over all approach with some dates and facts interspersed.So, I move we take Bill Bryson's book "A Brief History of Everything" and program that into the robotic android, along with some basic dates that many humans know, such as the signing date of the Declaration of Independence, 1492 Columbus sailed the seas of Blue and the war of 1812; your basic stuff, not enough for the android to be a total smarty pants, but enough to hold its own under your basic organic human unit in the social grouping. Please consider this in 2006.


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