Artificial Intelligent Android and Building Blocks of Computer Brains

Designing an artificially intelligent android or robotic system whether it be for household chores or military use is not an easy task. Artificial intelligent androids will indeed need to be able to program themselves based on their experiences and observations and the events they are involved in. We're talking about the building blocks of artificial intelligent machines and how those machines will mimic human thought, decision-making and memory.Not an easy task by any stretch of the imagination and indeed scientists and those involved in the development and research of artificially intelligent robotic systems and the software engineers who make all possible have their work cut out for them. But luckily they are making strides as they move man in machine closer together.

Getting a computer to think, remember and make good decisions is possible and it is happening slowly but surely. Each time and artificially intelligent robotic system registers and event from one of its sensors it will record that event. But does not enough, it must use that data to make a decision of what to do next. In making that decision the resultant will either be good or bad.

If the decision is bad, that is to say the decision led to a consequence not in the favor of the robot or the mission, then that decision should be erased and that event should trigger a different precision in the potential eventuality that occurs the next time.Now then, the next question is how are we so sure that the evaluation process by the artificially intelligent robotic system was correct way to determine the outcome to not be favorable? In other words the evaluation process is nearly as important as the decision process and we all know that garbage in means garbage out. So, good sensors and good data should lead to better learning, better decisions and proper evaluation.

Although this article merely scratches the surface of artificial intelligent programming it is wise to get your mind thinking in ways to solve these problems rather than just reading what other researchers have written. So, please reconsider this issue in 2006.

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