Artificial Intelligent Android Apprenticeships

They say that practice makes perfect in every human endeavor, but what if that endeavor is done by an artificially intelligent robotic android. Does the saying still hold true? Surely it must, as artificial intelligence suggests that the computer program is designed using theories of human thought. If this is the case then perhaps we ought to train our future artificially intelligent robotic companions and assistants using the same methods that we use to train humans.

One of the most common and historical ways used to train people to do a task is using the apprentice approach. Could does not also work in training artificially intelligent robots? You see any true artificial intelligent system will learn as it goes, through trial and error and experience in observation. One extremely good thing about training in artificial intelligence system is that once it is trained; you can download those experiences into another similar robots and so on.

Thus if you train warned you train them all, is long issue sync them up or use the Internet as a global consciousness for your artificially intelligent robotic android devices.If humans were to take the masters of every human trade and take on one artificially intelligent android, as an apprentice then we could train all of our robots to do every job anytime we wanted in that would save the human race all whole lot work and a lot of time, which they can put forth in a common cause for the greater good of humanity. Consider this in 2006.

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By: Lance Winslow


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