Autonomous Army Androids and Artificial Intelligent Strategies to Achieve Absolute Victory

In the future robotic warriors are inevitable and indeed we are designing and theorizing on such strategies now. And autonomous army of androids possessing artificial intelligence will be needed to achieve victory over the enemy. A series of plays, such as the type of plays a football team must master will need to be programmed into each artificial intelligence robotic warrior. If one member of the team is rendered incapacitated or simply breaks down because it was built by the lowest bidder, then the remainder of the team or army must pick up the slack and fulfill the mission of them is seen robotic soldier.In the future fighting force in the net centric battlespace robotic warfare using artificial intelligent strategies are a given and will become the new paradigm.

A group of artificial intelligent android soldiers will need to be able to work autonomously and communicate amongst themselves, with predetermined information and current observational information as they determine and evaluate targets to destroy. The enemy robotic armies will learn from each play or battle, just like are our artificial intelligence warriors will learn and adapt each time the enemy makes a move.The more plays, strategies or battle plans which are configured into these robotic android soldiers, the better chances of victory. Unfortunately, when a robotic warrior is incapacitated it will need to self-destruct its memory and components or become a landmine to take out the enemy, which tries to remove it.

Otherwise very important programming, secret codes in the best strategies will be lost to the enemy and compromise future autonomous robotic artificial intelligent android armies, which costs millions to create, procure and build. I hope you'll consider this in 2006.


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By: Lance Winslow


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