Bee Colonies and Scouts

Everyone in a Bee Colony has a specific job, which they are physically made for. When bees swarm they work together as a team and these little creatures can take down huge animals. How do they do it and who decides? Well the Scouts seem to be on the look out and when they see a threat they alert the hive to be on stand by or even attack.Recently this point was brought up in an online think tank when a member asked; "There is a signal given by a scout that triggers a defense mechanism, which results in the swarm response.

".Okay then the "scout" is getting a different hormonal bath in the larva chamber, which causes it to grow an appendage, which allows it to do this function. Scouts are slightly differently designed than the other bees too.

If we find that appendage that is different and that could be one of the body parts which makes one of the multiple resonance to provide a unique combination and/or a specific sound vibration to alert the hive then perhaps the bee uses this method.Additionally if the Scout alerts the others, how; body language or something extra allowing it too and even if humans cannot figure out how they do it exactly, we know that these little creatures mean business when they get busy and swarm to protect their hives.We know a lot about bees, but we really do not know as much as we should.

We could sure learn a lot from them and how they do things. We would be smart in figuring it all out wouldn't we? Consider all this in 2006.

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