China Trade Show China Sourcing Fair is Giving Away a HotelStay in Hong Kong during their China T

China trade shows are common but China Sourcing Fair the host of the upcoming trade show in China is set to give away hotel accommodations in Hong Kong to lucky china tradeshows attendees. Attend the China Sourcing Fair for Fashion Accessories or the China Sourcing Fair for Electronics & Components this year and you could win free hotel accommodations in Hong Kong for the event. Going to a China Trade Show is something that many people haven't done due the distance and cost to attend, but this years China Sourcing Fair which is being held for the first time in Hong Kong making it easier for people to attend. Even I was thinking about going down to the event, but was reluctant until I realized that attendance of this China Trade Show is free. In addition by registering for the trade show I am eligible to win free accommodations in Hong Kong. "Hotels in Hong Kong are very costly especially when an event like this happens", said David Green, the manager of my local import/export committee.

David Green was very pleased to see that China Sourcing Fair is willing to give away accommodations to one lucky china trade show attendee. There are two shows that China Sourcing Fair is putting on, the one is Fashion Accessories trade show, and the other is the Electronics & Components trade show, http://tradeshow.globalsources.

com/TRADESHW/HONGKONG-ELECTRONICS. HTM it appears what their offer is if you register for either of these tradeshows in China then you are eligible to win one of their 6 prizes, I'm hoping to win the free hotel accommodations in Hong Kong during the China tradeshow. Winner or not, I look forward to attending these trade show in China. For more information on the China Sourcing Fair and their other tradeshows in China you can visit:


By: News from Asia


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