Creating Replicas of Nature Using Theories of Mathematics Case Study A Tree

Can we create a replica of a tree which will fool the human mind into believing it is real by sight even a few inches away? Can we do this consistently with fake trees? If we fool the mind and the eyes which use memory frame bursting type techniques to fill in the blank, then can we use this to our advantage, by providing the simple anomalies that the brain is expecting upon closer scrutiny?.Most people like trees and even avoid their roots when walk in if they can, not because it is more convenient, as often it is not, but probably because of the empathy mechanism that sets in as no one wants someone stepping on their toes either. This is another advantage to fooling the human mind because generally people do not touch things until they become more familiar with them, as perhaps they do not wish to be touched by strangers?.Many fake trees look very similar to real trees, especially the ones you see in Banks and lobbies of buildings. To create the perfect decoy tree and make it pleasing to the human mind as is the desire of fake trees in corporate offices there needs to be small imperfections built in to them. If every branch is too uniform and ever leaf too perfect you will fail in your missing to fool the mind, please your guests or provide the pleasantness you intended in the first place you see?.

Can we make a perfect (imperfect) tree and use it for surveillance purposes to protect entry ways, fence line and make US Border cactuses which are so convincing you would not even look at them twice. You could walk right by them and never even know it? Is that possible? Sure, I believe it can be done; we can make the perfect replica tree. I have some theories on a way to design such a decoy tree and would like to propose some thoughts on this.I propose that we do this by using an anomaly program of a simple cellular automata and launch an interacting program on top of it and then let both programs run. You see to look life like you have to put in imperfections. But when those imperfections look like a pattern of such, you lose.

You have to merge absolute randomness with simplicity moving toward complexity, but never achieving a balance on the side of complex pattern, which might include patterns of imperfection. Thus insuring individuality, yet similarity.So, when we wish to mimic nature we must always remember that nature never appears to be perfect, but has interacting patterns of what maybe perfect or might have been at one time, until altered thru many renditions of changes thru interacting other patterns. I guess this would be considered like the butterfly effect where small changes along the way make everything appear so real. And this from a purely philosophical standpoint if we are going to fool the human mind we will need to think a little harder about what the mind is looking for and how it uses those clues to warn its intuition and set off warning bells in ones head, lighting up multiple brain waves which will start looking for additional answers where we were hoping it never would. Think on this in 2006.

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