Earthquake Prediction is Lacking

Well it has been predicted that one day we will be able to predict Earthquakes. Arthur C. Clarke wrote of this in his books and Cal Tech and the research scientists there are almost sure of it. They all believe that one day we will indeed be able to predict Earthquakes.

As a host for an online think tank forum we often discuss such things and the types of Supercomputer systems, which will be needed to make this all possible. Indeed one consideration is to add several more parameters, such as Full Moon Cycles and the changes in the resonance of water whether it be salt or fresh water. Also considering the amount of water delivered onto a tectonic plate from a storm or flood and its weight distribution, along with the storm surge weight distributions.Another factor might be how much water, oil or natural gas has been taken out of the ground and are their any cavities left unfilled? If so how big in volume and what is the change in gravity distribution and what kind of stresses does that entail? Solar Flares and space weather also seem to change the resonance of the Earth's frequencies and we know that a lot has to do with frequencies and Earthquakes.

So we must consider all this in 2006 as we work to design a computer program which takes all these factors along with all the already known factors and puts them all together as one equation and then we shall know? Perhaps, who knows? Do you?.

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By: Lance Winslow


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