ELF Mood Enhancement Belt Buckle Projector

For centuries men and women have accessorized, worn scents and used certain body mannerisms to depict their mood. A smile, a gesture or a few kind words would show that you were a positive person, having a nice day and only meant pleasant and good-natured intentions to all. If you were in a bad mood you might have made a face or used certain sharp movements, which would show this to all. If you were of royalty everyone would know you were have the modern equivalent of a bad hair day. Of course in today's world you would throw a temper tantrum or just drive down the freeway with your middle finger out the sunroof and your elbow on the horn while reading the newspaper to tell the world exactly what your IQ is.

But I assure you there is a better way. How so you ask?.Using an ELF Mood Enhancement Belt Buckle Projector of course. Currently the military is working on some mood manipulation wave devices, which will make an enemy infantry tired, angry or even sexually aroused in some way.

This is done by projecting brain waves out, which correspond to the normal human interaction for those various moods. In the future thru transfer technology you might set you belt buckle for a peaceful displacement and then every one you meet will smile and wish you a nice day. If you are going to a bar, you set it for sexual arousal to alert those around you that you are in the mood and out to meet someone. These belt buckles will be low power of course so only enough to suggest, but you will soon find them on sale for about $1500 or so.

Think on this in 2006.

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By: Lance Winslow


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