Graduation The Transition To Success

In every life there are landmarks, where the life shifts to another plain. The first landmark in a child's life comes when he/she starts walking. That gives the child freedom to act on their own.

Going to school is another landmark, and graduation is a bigger landmark, because one gets the freedom to go out in the world and make one's mark in professional world. Till we become a graduate, we only think of the future. After graduating, we get the power to mould our future.

Why Graduation is an important factor?.With graduation, we get a qualification that opens many doors for us. Graduation also brings us at par with millions of other graduates and gives us the pride of being a graduate.

It changes our outlook towards life and suddenly we feel that we are responsible citizens who have to make contributions to society and also take ourselves forward in life to achieve our dreams. Till few centuries ago, when there was no formal education, there were no graduates. people used to act on their own at different ages. With the advent of formal education, the society gives us indicators about the future path.How graduation helps achieving dreams ?.All of us have a dream.

Ask a small child about his dream and you will get answers such as I want to become a big man like dad, or I want to become superman, or I want to become a pilot and such things. A child looks at certain people with awe and wants to emulate them. As he/she grows up, the reality dawns that there are many more fields to show one's strength. With graduation, a child becomes an adult.

He/she has to then work their own plan and make their dream real. If the next step after graduation goes in the right direction, the future may open immense possibilities of growth. That is how graduation helps achieving dreams. A landmark that tells you that from here onward you are on your own. Go forward and conquer the world.

Make your dreams real. Become a proud citizen, and make your country proud with your actions and achievements.

.C.D.Mohatta writes for graduation greeting cards, fun tests and fun quizzes, and also for screensavers and wallpapers.

The topics of his writings include love, inspiration, holidays, management, business, birthdays, nature, religion and spirituality, successful living, etc. The author believes in tthe power of the Internet and the computer for a higher and better standard of living.

By: CD Mohatta


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