Hidden In Plain View Five Secrets

Some secrets are hidden in plain view. There is no conspiracy involved, except perhaps a "conspiracy of interests." Whatever the reason, this is knowledge that most people don't have that can make your life richer. Here are five examples.

Why Rich People Buy Used Cars

In researching The Millionaire Next Door, Thomas J.

Stanley and William D. Danko found that 40% of millionaires buy used cars. What do they know that you don't? They understand that a car still has most of it's useful life ahead when it is three years old, but it cost only half as much as when it is new.

Of course, they are buying used Mercedes, not Ford Escorts, but the principle is the same.

The Secret Of Draft Beer

In blind taste tests, draft beer consistently tastes better to people than the bottled version of the same beers. People like the bottle in front of them as a matter of identity ("I'm a Bud man"), or so they don't appear cheap. If you don't feel that your brand of beer is important to who you are, and you don't measure your worth by others opinions, why not drink the better beer for less?

The Dirty Secret Of 'Free Trade' Agreements

Have you ever wondered why so many people protest "free trade" agreements? You may have the impression that they are all socialistic in their beliefs. It is true that in the U.S.

, Canada and Europe many are against free markets. What isn't reported here though, is that the protesters in Central America, South America and other countries are just as often protesting for free trade.

"Free trade" agreements are about regulated trade, with every country seeking advantages that have nothing to do with fair or free trade. Some protesters know that if the U.

S. subsidizes farmers (certainly not a capitalistic idea), their products can be sold at prices that will destroy competitors who don't have a government backing them. As often as not, the U.S.

and western powers want to avoid free trade, while many small countries want true free trade. "Free Trade Agreement" is just an expression used for political purposes.

New Job Salary Negotiation Secret

Once you're actually offered a job, you're in a much stronger position to negotiate salary. Don't discuss it during a first interview. Don't let them think you are more interested in the money than the job.

Once an employer has decided on you, they don't want to start the whole interviewing and hiring process over, and they generally won't if there is any way they can justify paying what you are asking. Be ready to help them (Why are
you worth it?).

Save On Oil Changes

This one really is hidden in plain view. It is right there in your auto owners manual.

Most auto makers recommend a change every 5,000 or 6,000 miles. They wouldn't recommend such an interval if they thought it wasn't often enough, since most cars are under warranty through many oil changes now.

Changing your oil every three thousand miles is a marketing idea from the oil change industry. It would reduce wear on the engine if you changed the oil every 100 miles, right? Of course the small extra savings on wear couldn't compare to the cost of the changes. The appropriate balance for cheapest overall maintenance is the manufacturer's recommendation.

Look around and you may find there are a lot of secrets that are hidden in plain view.

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By: Steve Gillman


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