High Energy Military Weapons to Take Out Locust Plagues

Locust Plagues are always serious and they cause extreme damage to crops, as they devastate the land. Can we use the United State's Militaries new high-energy laser weapons against swarms of locusts? Literally frying them? Yes indeed that would be possible or even the Israeli THEL system, a mobile ground based laser missile interceptor system could do that? But would it be as easy as that?.Wouldn't the laser weapon start fires too? Yes, but remember many people use fires to stop the locusts and if you can stop the locusts, you can more easily put out the fire. You see as human populations grow bigger, we have more mouths to feed and cannot afford the crop failures associated with locusts can we? With the ever increasing world populations we just have too many mouths to feed to allow such things anymore.

There are also drought issues in the world and in many parts already weakened crop yields. If we can use the high-energy lasers to vaporize the locusts, we will have fried high-protein food already cooked falling from the sky, rather than completely devastated crops, human starvation in some regions and all the destruction these insects are known to cause? Would it work? Perhaps, should we try it? Maybe we should. Consider this in 2006.

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By: Lance Winslow


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