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I Know You Heard of Placebo ? but They Got it All Wrong!.Let's start with research, facts and proof ? not idle rambling.Researchers at the University of Michigan, published in the Journal of Neuroscience in August 2005:.Lead researcher ? Jon-Kar Zubieta said: Endorphins (the body's opiates), are released in pain-related areas of the brain ? when we "expect" drugs to relieve our pain.The operative word is 'expect' because the emotion of positive-expectation causes physical changes in mind-and-body.Some might argue that expecting is a cognitive (thinking) behavior, not an emotional one.

Maybe it's both, but PET(Positron Emission Tomography) scans, produce proof-positive that a 'placebo' ? Latin for "I shall please", changes the brain. It's as real as a New Orleans Heart Attack after seeing your home and source of livelihood destroyed.A placebo demonstration is required by the U.S. government to test the effectiveness of new drugs proposed to the Federal Drug Administration. Manufactures must prove their new drug produces more cures than a phony-baloney with no active ingredients ? say ? a saline-solution injection with no drugs in it.

The Placebo can account for a minimum of thirty (30%) of all cures.Does that mean we cure ourselves?.You have heard the expression ? the placebo-effect ? it's in the dictionary and reads ? a sense of benefit felt by a patient that arises solely from the knowledge that treatment has been given. A sugar pill instead of an antibiotic fits the bill.The Experts Discounted The Placebo as Unscientific.

Imagine the surprise of scientists when they saw brain scans with modifications of brain structures from patients who were give placebos - and not real drugs. The experiment involved the injection into the jaws of the volunteers (a harmless procedure), of either a legitimate pain-killer or the powerless placebo.You don't have to remember it's called the "mu opioid receptors" of the brain, it means that the brain produces its own pain-killers strangely similar to opium, and is received and used to reduce or eliminate pain by the mind-and-body.

Mu - is the twelfth-letter of the Greek alphabet.When the patients were "told" they would receive painkillers ? just the mental expectation without the active drug ingredients ? as part of the experiment ? their brains began to release Endorphins ? a natural copycat of manufactured morphine. And what happened? Right ? the placebo caused the pain to vanish as if the volunteers had received the active drugs.

It's All in The Mind?.Do we all have the same level of expectation about life ? health ? success?.How do you even measure a mental construct like ? expectation?.Here's what the University of Michigan scientists concluded:.the power of the placebo was in-sync with the degree of each patient's level of belief in the power of the alleged drug.

Huh? The stronger your belief in the effectiveness of the injection, pill or even surgery ? they better your results.The better relationship you have with the doctor ? trust her/him ? the better odds you recover and live - verses?.Most of us laughed at the Power-of-Positive-Thinking ? and considered ourselves intelligent because we didn't fool ourselves. Does 'saying-so ? make-it-so?".

The words we use habitually ? are cues to how our brain thinks about success and failure. The Placebo-Effect proves that how we talk, and what we expect and trust to happen ? has a demonstrable cause-and-effect response on how our brain works.Nocebo ? Means "I Will Harm You!".From Latin we get placebo, and its sister-state - 'nocebo', which indicates that expectations of rejection, failure, and loss are the basis of self-sabotage.The negative words, gestures and facial expressions we use cause our brain to lead us down the path to destruction. Is it all in your head, and persistence-and- determination don't count? Life is action ? not thinking about doing.

It's not who you are deep inside ? it is what you 'do'. Our brain is affected by the words we use, and by non-verbal body-language that reveals how we feel about things, people and situations. Success is all about thinking, feeling and doing.

Here's an analogy - the brain is our hardware, while our mind is the software and sets the goals. What we must remember is that our brain is listening to our words, and awaiting its marching-orders, just as your fingers on the computer 'point-and-click' your commands. How you expect-to-be-treated causes people to modify their behaviors. What results you expect to obtain ? affects the amount of effort your mind-and-body produce.

Give-it-a-thought ? and implement a 'success-orientation'.Endwords.It is time to change our attitude about the power of 'expectation', and how our mind affects our body. Your thinking ? (words and pictures), and body-language work in tandem to produce the results we get.

Produce a Duchenne-Smile on your face three-times daily and you feel better and produce better results.Now we know for the first time that it is not just 'fooling-yourself', but enlisting the help of your mind to affect meaningful and significant changes in your body.Want to produce better results in your life?.Be aware of the specific words you use about yourself and your activities ? cursing is a nocebo, and positive expectations and directed-effort - is your placebo.See ya,.copyright 2005 H.

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By: H. Bernard Wechsler


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