How Do You Make an Earthquake Predictor

Animals are known to predict Earthquakes right? We know this already and we have a pretty good idea how they are doing it too. You see we believe they pick up the vibrational changes in Mother Earth, as our Planet has a certain resonance. When it changes the animals being very close to nature without all this frequency pollution sense something is not right.

Humans probably can do the same thing too, but we are so over bombarded with frequency pollution and information over load we do not recognize the changes as readily.This subject recently came up in an online think tank when one member who has been studying this topic stated;."Another example is how some birds are sensitive to variations in the earth's magnetic field, used for navigation.

A device that monitors the ultra low and high sound frequencies, the strength and polarity of the local magnetic field, ambient static electricity levels, vibration detectors and gas monitors to 'smell' the air would, after a period of calibration, I think help enormously in predicting imminent eruptions and earthquakes. Anyone know how to build it?".My thoughts are to build a set of boxes with a certain type of gas inside each and affixing it to a grounded rock with a giant pole stuck in the ground. When the combinations of changes in the gases of the various boxes are excited to a certain level the sensors inside will read them and say; "Beep" on a computer peripheral warning device.

That I think could work.I did read somewhere that someone had designed something with holes in it and the gas would become excited and whistle through the holes. It makes sense to me and those folks should get an award if their device in fact works along with the scientists working with SETI on frequency monitoring Earthquake Precursory Waves. Consider this in 2006.

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