How to Type Special Characters

Here are some of the most common keyboard symbols you need to familiarize yourself with when learning to type. Keep this list handy for easy reference. EXCLAMATION MARK ! SHIFT 1 AT SIGN @ SHIFT 2 NUMBER SIGN # SHIFT 3 DOLLAR SIGN $ SHIFT 4 PERCENT SIGN % SHIFT 5 CARET SIGN ^ SHIFT 6 AMPERSAND & SHIFT 7 ASTERISK * SHIFT 8 PARENTHESIS ( ) SHIFT 9 & 10 QUESTION MARK ? SHIFT / BRACKETS { } SHIFT RIGHT OF P EQUALS = RIGHT OF HYPHEN PLUS + SHIFT = Print this list and keep these keyboard symbols handy for easy reference. .

By: Pamela Connolly


College in the Fifties - In the country side where I grew up, a high school student's greatest goal was to work the farm like his dad, get married and have lots of little farmers.

Year Colleges vs Technical Schools Your Choice - College is not for everyone, but that does not mean you shouldn?t pursue some sort of higher education or job training.

Sofas in a Variety of Styles - Buy various kinds of sofas online.

Stealth UAV High Energy Laser Reflector - In the new Net-Centric Battlespace the weapons of war will be robotic.

UAV MicroMechanical Enemy Swarm Zapper - Can we build an unmanned aerial vehicle to fly into a swarm of insects to zap them? Well what if that insect swarm is not actually organic but tiny little robotic micro-mechanical flying devices with explosive charges or even bio-logical lethal or.