Hydrogen Creating Barges or Platforms in the Ocean to Make Truck Fuel

A very smart gentleman and futurist ask today if we could build barges to make hydrogen fuel for cars? Put them in the ocean and let them make hydrogen near transfer terminals to put into the distribution system so we could deliver it to gas stations to put in cars and trucks. Could it really be that easy? Indeed, sure that works, have Desalination system prior to hydrogen separation collection system and merely release the oxygen there?.Meanwhile we could put it on barges or even empty oil platforms near shore, which are not being used? Oil companies wouldn't mind using these rusting assets still on the books. The whole thing could be run off of wind power claimed the Futurist or even ocean wave generation too.

So it would be self generation enabled and that makes sense too. You see the 15 knot onshore breeze could power wind turbines and wave energy is easy. Sure sounds good. Speaking of which and wind generation:.

Wave generation;. this technology is available now, no problem.

Regarding the barge, oil platform Hydrogen from water separation and collection we could then release the oxygen by blowing it into a straw with massive grids of roots and put the oxygen back into the water to help the decay of sea life and de-oxygenated water causing dead zones. discharge oxygen grid would encompass the tidal flows, which are natural, oxygen would go into both incoming and outgoing tides.

Let the ocean spread it around. Lets kill 50 birds with one stone, not just one or two? Wow, my futurist friend is a smart guy indeed, just think we could really save the environment in so many ways? Consider all this in 2006.

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By: Lance Winslow


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