Is There Any Weapon That The US Military Doesnt Have

When looking at the United States Military and our incredible advances it seems that we have everything. Our superiority is so vastly unequal in everyway, one can only wonder why anyone would pick a fight with us or wish to have a war with the US.It seems we have the most advanced Armies, Navy and Air Force, with technology unheard of only a decade ago. Recently I was talking to a man who claimed he was an up and coming aerospace engineer wanting to make a company and sell his wares to the military.

He was trying to pick something that the military needed and concentrate on solving that problem and fulfilling that need in a little start up company of his own.In hearing this noble idea I did an exercise, I gave myself 15-minutes to think of as many things that the US Military needed, but did not currently have. I decided if I could get to 100 within 15-minutes I would stop there.

Indeed I did get to 100 items in 14 minutes and so I began to look at the list and then actually came up with about 15 more, which would be variations of some of the ideas I had already listed. I just sat down and wrote these, yet I must have 300-400 more on my website and I get more each day. So finding something the US Military needs, but does not have is not too hard.But the most important thing that they have but need more of is a public, which is not so caught up in La La Land that they understand the need for such.

We are talking about humans here and our civilization and the future of our species has always been about strength. Until that changes, we need to be pressing on and we need a public, which understands the importance of a strong military to protect them. Think on this in 2006.

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By: Lance Winslow


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