Killing an Asteroid with Another Asteroid is it possible

Is it possible to kill an asteroid using another asteroid, which is already in space? Of course it should be possible from the physics standpoint and anyone who is ever played pool in a pool hall knows this to be a fact. Can we rely on human scientists to figure out a way and proper trajectories to actually kill an asteroid using another asteroid in space?.We know that planet Earth has been hit previously by large asteroids, meteors and Comets and we also know that other planets in our solar system have also been hit and thus it is only a matter of time until the Earth will be hit again.

It is not a matter of if, but when and it is not only going to happen to once in our far off future.Consider one of these many near Earth objects hitting the Earth in 2036, as we know there is a near Earth object, which will come very close to the Earth during that year. 2036 is not that far away and it makes sense that we should do something about it and be ready. But is killing an asteroid with another asteroid something we should be looking into?.

Well, it just so happens that some scientists are and they believe they have the answer all figured out? Do you think it will actually work? This is a question that many people are now asking and perhaps a question you'll consider in 2006. This might just be the ticket to saving out Planet.

.Lance Winslow.

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By: Lance Winslow


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