Locust Plagues Devastate the Lands

One of the most ominous problems which plagues humankind is huge swarms of locusts devastating the land as they eat their way thru human civilizations. But at least one online think tank member believes he just might have the answer to put an end to this disastrous challenge, which threatens mankind. Mr.

Warren Power's believes the answer is simple and sound. In fact the method he wants to use is harmonic, acoustic and sound wave technologies to stop the locust swarms in their tracks.But what type of delivery system is robust enough to handle such a thing? Well, none exists, but one could be built if the money for research was available. Of course first things first, Mr. Powers will first have to prove it will work and then draw up some methods of delivery as these locust swarms can be in the ranges of 20 million insects and cover up to 20 square miles sometimes when most extreme, that is a lot of sound.

The power requirement of such a super sound system would need to be immense indeed and the sound would be too. It might be best to first shoot dust into the atmosphere to cause cloud cover so the sound stays in the valley or the battlespace you pick stop the swarm and you would need to pick specific terrain to do this too. Or use the cloud of the locusts plague itself as they black out the sky and shoot them from the ground up and thus taking out layer by layer as they fall. But if your array is on the ground then and the locusts fall on your device, it would break the directional sound waves, You know like sprinkling aluminum oxide flakes on radar antennas?.Although the details have not been worked out yet, Mr. Warren Powers may have just the answer to stop the devastation of Locust Plagues once and for all.

Imagine this in 2006.

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By: Lance Winslow


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