Middle School Bullying Universal Points for Catching Bullies

Middle School Bullying: 9 Universal Points for Catching Bullies By Paula McCoach 1. Distraction is the key to a middle school bully's success! 2. Playing one staff member against another and creating confusion keeps bullying alive in middle schools. 3.

Administrators, guidance counselors, and teachers desperately need to develop a system of communication about what these middle school bullies are doing on a daily basis. 4. If your bullies are on a checklist to monitor their bullying behavior, that information needs to be distributed to all of the staff involved in working with that bully. 5. One staff member should be responsible for distributing and collecting these behavior checklists and getting the information out to all staff involved.

6. Then these checklists or a summary of significant events in that middle school bully's day needs to be communicated to staff members. 7.

Most schools have a central computer system - communication about the bullies can be typed into the computer in a location all staff can access. 8. Communication among staff members about the bullying behavior is key to stopping the bullying of innocent students. Most bullies continue because they don't think the adults are able to catch them.

9. Set up a communication system that is easy for staff to input information as well as access the information as needed and you will stop the bullying in your middle school. Paula McCoach invites you to join the Bully Zapper Newsletter, which is published weekly with tons of tips on how to effectively deal with bullies in elementary and middle school. You will receive a free special report for your subscription.

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By: Paula McCoach


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