Mile Away Directional Stun Gun

Stun Guns are getting more precise and more powerful each research year. Non-lethal technologies are moving ahead faster than ever before. Much of this is in response to the fight on International Terrorism the world over and America's personal attack called the "War On Terror" and personal it is after we were attacked out of the blue on September 11, 2001.Currently the War in Iraq and the close proximity issues with Urban Conflict non-lethal technologies are preferred as it cuts down on the collateral damage and loss of life from non-combatants and normal citizens.Riots such as the huge riots in France, where 15,000 plus automobiles were torched with Molotov Cocktails and hundreds of structures burned in 402 cities could have used non-lethal stun gun technologies if they were properly deployed and ready to go.Having weapons, which could literally drop armies of 100,000 or more troops to their knees in seconds is indeed a relevant weapon to prevent further blood shed.

Winning a war without killing your enemy but rather having him surrender and lose his will to fight may be a very large part in the future of war.How could this be possible you ask? Well by using stun gun technology on a massive scale, able to work at one mile or more away. Think on this in 2006.

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