Military Alternative Fuel Vehicles

The United States military has known since the days of General Patton that fuel is paramount to fighting a war. Without the fuel your logistical supply chain is at a standstill and in the new battlespace at risk of detection and instant annihilation. It is for this reason the Military is looking into the future to come up with new ways to power our hardware and future fighting force. This subject recently came up in an online think tank when one member stated;."The Military Plans Tests in Search for an Alternative to Oil-Based Fuel; Maybe another alternative, for the wind powered generators with the wind speed of about 300 mph their should be enough to create enough pressure to drive the generator to run a electric turbo engine, it would help reduce the fuel consumption for the military.".

I believe if I were looking at futuristic ways to propel vehicles that I would indeed consider military vehicles made of Titanium Dioxide Super Coatings which would be charged to take the ambient air between sheets of the coating or skin and use the low pressure between to create precipitation and then split the H20 and use the hydrogen to run a fuel cell on board instead of fossil fuel and then simply release the oxygen into the atmosphere or use it for another military purpose? Consider this in 2006.

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