Multiple Beam Ultrasound Locust Swarm Control

Can we stop a locust swarm with ultrasound or some directional sound wave? If we can stop the swarms we stand to save millions of acres of farmland and crops. If we can steer the locust swarms around to their final destination then perhaps we can save much of our crop yield. Losing an entire years crops in already starving Africa is not a pretty picture and it is for this reason that we must find a way to stop these locust plagues.

One researcher Warren Powers states; "The practical delivery system is up for discussion but I have to admit a sound device that focus (s) four beams of ultrasound to a distant point, then the collision of those beams of ultrasound creating a certain disrupting frequency to the swarm sounds pretty good to me.".Okay let's talk about sound waves then, but if that does not work then what? There are other options for instance; if a chemical is dropped from a 747 and it is a fine mist sticky gel soaked with argon or CO2 gas molecules or in liquid form trapped or suspended, then you hit it with a laser you ignite the whole mess in a fiery hell? Do you not? Chemical company wins, BBQ Locusts for the Africans which is high in protein and every one wins and the World Bank still looks like a hero for getting it done? Maybe there is more than one way to skin a cat or cook a locust plague? Perhaps then we should consider this in 2006.

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By: Lance Winslow


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