My right Universal elementary education

My right: Universal elementary education
A plight on Indian universal elementary education system

The god has created this wonderful universe. In this universe he/she has sent human to live. In human he/she has inserted an organ named brain. The brain generates ideas, these come from knowledge and finally knowledge can be gather only and only by education.

Thus education is a basic fundamental need of human to live natural life.
In future, India is going to be largest population hub of world. Are we providing our new born brains that knowledge which they deserve? ¬"My Right¬" deals with this aspect of future¬'s India. Right to education has become fundamental right in Indian statues books in 2002, as once Indian parliament had given its approval to 86th constitutional amendment in 2002 under article 21A of constitution. According to this every Indian child 6-14 year of age has fundamental right to free and compulsory education. Additional to this government of India has introduced a bill called ¬"Right to education bill 2005¬", which deal with early age child care and education for all children until they acquired the age of six.

It also says that, it is the fundamental duty of every Indian parent to provide equal opportunities to his/her children of age of 6-14years to get education.
Please look into this for my sake.
(6-14years) 226204139
Below poverty line
Population(6-14 years) 56573568
Total of students
(primary) 149400000
Number of schools
(primary) 664041
Number of teachers
(primary) 2900000
Teacher/students ratio 40/teacher
Children not able to attend
the school (primary) 76804139
%of girls out of school 39%
Expenditure on education 4.02% GDP
Source: census 2001&: UNICEF statistical year book

What are the reasons behind this all?

25% of Indian population still live below poverty line means .

By: Dinesh singh


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