NanoTech Titanium Dioxide Propulsion

NanoTech is certainly coming a long way these days and the research and development companies are flush with new ideas to try out. Well luckily I have another one for Team USA as they conceptualize a new future period when nano-technology will change the world. I would like to see vehicles which run on titanium dioxide nanotubes.

What are you talking about you ask?.Well let us consider the potential of coatings or skins of these nanotube titanium dioxide sheets, which have between them nano carbon tubes sheets. The titanium dioxide nanotubes would have trapped inside each a copper atom. Each set of 3 sandwich sheets would be put in parallel to the each other with perhaps 50 sheets total would be the thickness of the skin? Now consider a car, boat, missile, UAV, aircraft, blimp or some other form of transportation made up of these sheets on the outside hull.As the airflow rushes between the sheets from the relative wind the flow of static electricity from the air would excite the copper atoms imbedded in the nanotubes made of titanium dioxide encasing the copper atoms.

The copper atoms would bounce back and forth and create energy, which would be collected by the carbon nanotube sheets in between and carried to a battery system. The battery system would then spin a propeller, wheels or cause material memory to flap the wings for the propulsion. Consider this in 2006.

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By: Lance Winslow


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