Non Lethal High Energy Knee Weapon to Take Out Enemy Infantry

One of the weakest elements in any army is those forces, which move by foot. The general infantry foot soldier will carry up to 80 pounds of gear and be subject to fatigue and moral issues. The weakest link therefore is the human who is prone to injury, fatigue and psychological issues. Therefore the best way to stop an army is to reduce all those who are waking to crawling on their knees.

There have been many concepts along this line pondered, such as upset stomachs, brain wave frequencies introduced putting them to sleep and even obstacles. There is another way however to accomplish this. How so you ask?.

By using high powered frequencies at knee level we can twitch the muscles in the calves and knee where they are the most critical and cause spasms. By firing high frequency pulses, which interrupt with the nerve firings, we can cause temporary injuries which immobilize the troops. And we know from previous wars that you do not have to get them all to slow them down. In fact in Germany in the Second World War they often tried to wound and not kill the enemy, because they knew that it took two soldiers to carry one. Thus three who could not fight them and so I propose designing a high energy non-lethal knee weapon to take out enemy infantry and or slow them down, reduce their will to fight and prevent them from causing us harm.

Think on this in 2006.

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By: Lance Winslow


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