Propelling the Wind with Your Mind

They say that human intention is one of the species greatest assets and indeed few who have stopped long enough to consider this and philosophize a bit could disagree. Consider also that the human body can produce energy beyond its self, about 1 watt or so can be said to come from one's fingertips. Bid deal right?.One watt is such a small amount of energy why even consider it at all? Well it maybe a little amount of energy, but that is a significant factor as one watt of energy is enough to do some things. Like what you ask? Well like propel air movement inside an enclosed paper bag for instance.

How much air and how much propulsion?.Well not much, but enough to be measured and so is it then true that you can control wind with your mind? Well indeed if that were true then yes it would be true that you could control wind or rather airflow within a small area with your mind. But we all know that all air is connected to all other air in our atmosphere right? And we have probably all heard of the butterfly affect where one small change somewhere can cause a bigger change somewhere else you see?.So if you could control the airflow inside a plastic bag could you or a group of humans control the airflow inside of a room? How about inside of a Gymnasium or Aircraft Hangar? Stadium or what about the airflows in a valley when the air was so still in the early morning? Now you see the point of why something could be interesting to study? Well so did our online think tank as we attempted to address these issues ourselves? Experimentation should be done; yes or no? Consider all this in 2006.

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By: Lance Winslow


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