RN to MSN Programs Online RNs Taking Control of Their Higher Education Goals

Registered Nurses (RN) seeking a Masters of Science Degree in Nursing (MSN) are increasingly enrolling into online nursing degree programs. And why shouldn't they? Traditional nursing schools, all campus based schools for that matter, seem to increase tuition costs beyond the rate of inflation each year. Classes are often not scheduled at times appropriate for working nurses. And qualified nursing students are rejected or delayed from enrolling due to capacity shortages. RN's seeking their MSN can take control of their higher education goals through online degree completion programs.The Online Nursing Education Revolution Is Now.

There currently exists RN to MSN programs online which carry the same accreditation standards as traditional campus based programs. One such program was formulated through a partnership of two educators: The College Network and Regis University. Together, The College Network and Regis University have created RN to MSN programs online accredited by the American Association of Colleges of Nursing, Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (AACN-CCNE). Take another look at your first college of choice and see if they too are accredited by the AACN-CCNE.The College Network is one of the nation's largest publishers of educational materials.

Regis University has been consistently ranked as one of "America's Best Colleges" by U.S. News and World Report. The RN to MSN programs online they have created utilize blended learning formats of independent study, local mentoring, online classes, discussion groups, chats, emails, streaming video, and video conferencing. All of these educational tools keep you active and in touch with educators and fellow nursing students.

The College Network ? Regis University RN to MSN programs online feature study guides and practicum materials written by nationally recognized educators. In addition, all practicum courses are mentored by local preceptors to eliminate the need for travel and clinical testing. Are you expecting to move within the next 12 months? Not a problem at all.

Testing centers are available in all 50 states, at most military bases worldwide and American Embassies. The College Network ? Regis University RN to MSN online program relocates when you do.Why Registered Nurses Choose Online Programs.

One of the most frustrating issues nursing students face today must be the wait to begin studies. Traditional campus based programs, even those with some online coursework, can take one to two years or more just to get accepted. A recent article posted by the American Association of Colleges of Nursing (AACN) states that USA nursing schools actually turned away more than 30,000 "qualified" applications in 2005! Proof that traditional campuses can not meet the current demand for more, and higher educated nurses.

The College Network ? Regis University RN to MSN programs online can start RN's in less than 30 days.Another frustrating issue faced by nursing students today is inflexible course schedules. Busy Registered Nurses must juggle course schedules with career and family responsibilities. Four to Five years is a long time to sacrifice the things that matter most in your life. Because of the inflexibility of traditional nursing schools, many Registered Nurses postpone their pursuit of a RN to MSN nursing degree. Nurses whom chose RN to MSN programs online enjoy flexible, accelerated or slow paced studies ? they are in control.

Many Registered Nurses remember what it was like to attend class on a traditional campus. Not looking forward to that again? Nurses who choose RN to MSN programs online have no classes to attend, avoid crowded lecture rooms, and remove time wasted commuting to and from campus.How RN to MSN Programs Online Work.The College Network's RN to MSN programs online are generally divided into two phases. First, the RN to MSN student utilizes comprehensive learning materials, created to prepare them to test out of prerequisites and general education courses.

Second, the RN to MSN degree student enrolls into the Regis University online degree program to receive college credit, and to complete practicum courses and experience requirements.According to The College Network, the first phase of the RN to MSN programs online offers the most flexibility, as the learning materials and challenge exams can be completed anywhere, anytime, fast, slow, at your own pace. Once the prerequisites and general education courses are completed, students begin the second phase of their RN to MSN programs online. Throughout your RN to MSN degree program, academic support is available by phone 8am to 11pm Monday through Friday.

Help is available when you need it, day and night.Second phase coursework is completed online, with no required campus visits or specified log-in times. Practicum courses are mentored by local preceptors which eliminates any travel and clinical testing. All learning is flexible to meet your individual needs.

Through it all, The College Network makes every effort to provide convenience and assistance to you to ensure your success. Most students finish the complete RN to MSN program in 3 years.Cost of RN to MSN Programs Online.

Each Registered Nurse's program cost will vary based upon factors such as the availability of transfer credits and work experience. At The College Network, a program advisor is assigned to each potential student to review their individual goals and curriculum requirements. The program advisor can also discuss available pre-approved financing options and how to apply for federal financial aid.Nursing students can realize savings of 50% to 70% versus traditional campus degree costs. These savings estimates do not include savings on transportation to and from school, childcare, parking, nor room and board.

With annual college tuition rates reaching $20,000 to $30,000 per year, a simple 50% annual savings is $10,000 to $15,000 that can be saved by completing your RN to MSN programs online.Conclusion.It's no wonder why more nurses are choosing to obtain their advanced degree through RN to MSN programs online.

Registered Nurses now have respectable alternatives to waiting for acceptance, ever increasing tuition costs, and inflexible class schedules. The College Network ? Regis University partnership is a unique and innovative way to deliver the same accredited nursing education. For nurses seeking an RN to MSN program, each year forgone is less money earned and a missed managerial position. Discuss online education with your hiring manager, then take control of your higher education needs.

.John Napoletano is a contributing author and founder of NursingDegree.Net, a free directory of accredited nursing schools and nursing related resources. With a Masters Degree in Business and years of Financial Planning and Analysis experience, John Napoletano provides a unique perspective on educational issues. Find more information about RN to MSN programs online at www.


By: John Napoletano


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