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eBay is one of the biggest ecommerce websites in the world. Every year millions of dollars of are transacted on eBay, and eBay is one of the largest virtual market places in the world. Millions of people have sold and bought products via EBay without setting up an e-commerce website of their own.

If you are planning on selling products on eBay, here are a few eBay selling tips: Product images Although a detailed product description is very important, but a product image is extremely important to make an impact on your customers. Don't hire a professional photographer to make a portfolio of your products. Just make sure all your images are quick to load and are optimized for the internet. Just make sure all your product images are professional looking, and make a lasting impact on your viewers.

Choosing the right price If you are planning on putting a product up for auction, make sure you research similar products on eBay and get an idea on pricing your product. It is important to remember that there is a difference between being competitive and loosing money. If you are starting up your business on eBay, make sure you price your products competitively to get your 'foot in the door'. Understand shipping costs Although shipping is controlled by the eBay seller, you should research all your shipping options thoroughly. No one wants to shop with an eBay seller that is charging a high shipping charge, make sure you research all your shipping options and find a shipping option that is a blend of quick shipping and competitive pricing.

Payment options It is important to offer your customer as many payment options as possible, popular payment options include credit cards, direct debit and PayPal. By offering a multitude of payment options you are ensuring that even customers with poor credit history (with no credit cards) can buy products online. In addition, a seller comes across as more professional by offering multiple payment options. Pay attention to the product description eBay sellers have started utilizing the services of professional writers to write intuitive and interesting product descriptions.

It is important to remember that a photo can only initially attract customers to a product, but a well written product description will ensure continued interest. Seasoned eBay buyers make sure that they read detailed product descriptions and also contact the seller for clarifications if need be. In a nutshell, a picture can only do so much for a product; the rest is taken care of by the product description.

Get positive feedbacks eBay is built on a transparency policy that ensures that buyers can rate products based on their quality, and also on the quality of services provided. If you are starting up your business, it is important to get as much positive feedback as possible from all your customers. Since there is no way you can delete a negative feedback, you should make sure that all your initial customers are satisfied and willing to provide positive feedback. For more information on eBay selling visit www.wholesale-reviews.


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