Scholarship Learning Company Teaches How to Successfully Applyfor College and Scholarships

Today's students face monumental challenges to getting into top colleges and paying for their education. Cutthroat student competition and shrinking acceptance rates make it tough for students to gain entry into the nation's premier colleges and universities. And with tuition costs soaring and federal aid shrinking, many young graduates are facing six-figure student loans when they are just beginning to start their careers. Despite these challenges, long-term planning in high school and college can make getting into elite programs much easier.

And scholarships and grants can go a long way toward lowering the cost of college. Yet few parents and students know where to begin. Meet Jason Lum, founder of Scholarship Learning Company. A Harvard and Berkeley graduate with work experience in the Harvard Admissions Office, Jason is a winner of nearly $250,000 in scholarships and is dedicated to sharing what he has learned with students and their parents to help them get into top programs-and how to pay for it. "An indispensable lecture for students looking to compete and win in the scholarships sweepstakes.".

- Jimmy Ausemus, Financial Aid Counselor, UC Berkeley. "Jason's experience proves that students can obtain substantial amounts of free money, and thereby avoid the long-term pressures of high student debt.". - Maritza Hernandez, Associate Director of Enrollment Services, Harvard University.

Through comprehensive seminars and individual counseling, Jason shows you how to develop winning applications for college admissions and scholarship programs, how to locate hard-to-find scholarships, and how to develop a long-term action plan to help cut the costs of college. Whether you're looking to get into college or learning how to pay for it, Scholarship Learning Company can help you. .

By: Jason Lum


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