School and SAT Success through Better Concentration

Most of the problems the students have with taking a test like SAT can be traced back to their lack of concentration.But concentration is not a given like hair type or eye color. You can improve your concentration by following these suggestions:.1) Get your sleep. One national study after another has shown that sleep deficit is the number one problem in America today. Unless you get 7 or 8 hours of sleep a day, you will not be able to perform at top level in an exam.

And make sure those are night hours too. A student who goes to bed at 7 am after a sleepless "sleep over" spent with video gaming and gets up at 2 or 3 pm in the afternoon will still be as groggy and tired as having slept for only a few hours.2) Get enough nutritious food, proteins and vitamins, into your system, regularly. Cut down or quit all chips, candies, caffeine, cola and junk food. Concentrate on fresh meat and veggies, fruits and nuts. Don't forget your milk either.

Give your brain enough fuel to perform at top level.3) Get enough exercise. At least three times a week either get out and run or participate in a team sport after which you should be drenched in sweat. Sweat is good because that's what flushes out the toxins out of your system and whips up the circulation of fresh blood to the brain. A body that does not circulate well cannot think well either.

4) Try meditation. By cooling off the endless chatter inside the brain and calming down the needless inner monologue, meditation can significantly increase your powers of concentration. The new SAT exam, for example, takes about an hour longer than the pre-1985 SAT. Such enhanced attention span can be your best friend during a long test.5) And the last but not the least, prepare well for the exam. Studies have shown that students who prepare well do have significantly lower levels of anxiety during the test.

Solid preparation always translates to confident and efficient performance in life. When it comes to educational success, there is no alternative to thorough preparation.I'd be happy to answer all your test-taking and SAT-related questions at


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By: Dr. Gulden Akinci


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